Who We are and How it all Came to Be

ME12 Lifts Ltd was established in 2010 by industry veteran Mat Jefferies. Mat started his apprenticeship within the family owned lift business, when he left school in 1989.

He later went on to join Kone as a Project Manager and spent over 10 years refining his skills, building his reputation and developing his extensive network of contacts within the lift industry.

During his time here he experienced first hand, the effects of the declining lift engineering skill base. With fewer skilled professionals to call upon, lift companies were relying more-and-more upon inexperienced or unreliable contractors to complete works and the results were increasingly hit-and-miss.

Believing he could help provide a solution to the problem, Mat established ME12 Lifts and began taking on work for him and a select handful of trusted engineers to carry out.

There were 3 core service elements that ME12 Lifts provided, lift installation and de-installation, project management and lift commissioning and general lift related works, such as refurbishments, upgrades and repairs.

Success was quick in coming, in fact too fast. The volume of work stretched beyond what the team could cover and so Mat began to sub-contract some of the work out.

This proved no less a frustrating experience that when he had been dealing with a wider body of sub-contractors at Kone and so he pulled away from that approach and decided to scale down the scope of works that the company would take on, whilst taking time to consider how best to tackle the problem.

Mat realised that if he wanted to help tackle the industry skill gaps then he needed to find away to engineer success out of the teams that he worked with and so he enrolled with The Coaching Academy to gain a Personal Coaching Diploma.

Along the way Mat made acquaintances with a number of key contacts, one of these was Andrew Deeley a business professional, with board level experience and a track record in both startups and business turnarounds.

Regardless of whether it was a startup or a struggling SME or enterprise, Andrew’s approach was to focus on the problem, determine the size of the rewards that solving it would bring and, should the rewards warrant it, engineer, test and then roll out the right solution.

Taking this approach the pair started to peel back the layers to get to the crux of the issue and then piece-by-piece a plan started to emerge.

They determined that there was only so much value a small quality lift engineering firm could provide, because as Mat had discovered, the good ones become swamped all too quickly; and so the solution was not to focus on becoming a lift engineering firm that did a great job, instead it was to become a company that sourced and developed lifts engineers and works managers, who would in turn do a great job.

Placing people, processes and performance at the heart of the new business model ME12 Lifts would embark upon a new mission, a mission to engineer a production line that brings in apprentices, engineers and even existing lift engineers at one end and churns out skilled, well rounded, reliable and professional lift engineers out the other.

To facilitate this a new works manager, Lee Jarmain, was brought in with Six Sigma and Lean Management skills. Lee would support by ensuring that programme was built upon sound lean principles, whilst also managing the existing Lift Related Works arm of the business.

This freed Mat up to focus on working with Andrew to develop the ME12 Lifts Sprint Team, which would set the wheels in motion and provide the platform from which to built the new proposition upon.

We've Told You a Little About Us Now it's Your Turn

If you are in the business of selling lifts or if you are responsible for looking after your businesses lift related works then please get in touch. We'd love to learn about your business and how we may be able to better serve you.