Our Sprint Teams Focus on Smaller Lift Installations

Micro Lifts / Dumb Waiters

Trolley Lifts

Platform Lifts

Scissor Lifts

Goods Hoist

Home Lifts

The smaller lifts, those typically installed in less than 5 days, are ideal for our growing Sprint Team who focus on providing a quality first rate service, for the simpler lift installations.

Our Senior Engineers Handle More Complex Installations

Hydraulic Passenger Lifts

Commercial Service Lifts

Public Passenger Lifts

Our senior engineers are experienced in the most complex projects. Whether it is an off the shelf product or a bespoke custom designed lift, then we have the know-how to install and commission your lift.

We'd Love to Talk to You About Your Requirements

It doesn't cost anything to talk so whatever your needs please drop us a line and we will give your enquiry our utmost attention.